Terms & Conditions

  1. setter 3All dogs are subject to a temperament test which means that you will leave your dog with us for about an hour and we will introduce him/her to the rest of the pack one by one.
  2. Aggressive dogs will NOT be accepted into daycare, all dogs must be friendly towards other dogs and share toys.
  3. All dogs will require an up to date vaccination card which must include Kennel Cough.
  4. Dogs with potentially contagious stomach upsets or any other viral infection are not accepted in day care.
  5. Owners will cover all costs incurred should a dog cause injury to itself or another dog/human. Should your dog become ill in our care we will take him/her to your vet and you will be liable for the Vet’s bill.
  6. Payments must be made by Sunday of each week or at the end of the day for individual days by cash, or BACS transfer.
  7. Un-Neutered male dogs are on a trial basis only.
  8. We do not take on puppies under 7 months.

 If you would like more information on our services or wish to arrange a temperament test please contact us.